Diving & Services

Diver Down Cozumel offers a wide array of Diving and Aquatic Services, including recreational & technical diving, snorkeling, skin/free diving, boat tours, underwater photos/videos, and more.

All Packages

Package Service Type Details Duration Cost
Night Dives for Certified Divers 1 Tank 2 Hours $55.00 USD
Boat Dives for Certified Divers 2 Tank Boat Dive 1/2 Day $80.00 USD
Get Certified - Open Water Diver No experience necessary! 3 Days $385.00 USD
Scuba Diving for Beginners No experience necessary! 3 Hours $65.00 USD
Learn to Skin / Free Dive Learn to snorkel and skin dive! 1/2 Day $50.00 USD
Snorkel Trip 1/2 Day $35.00 USD