About Us

What we do...

At Diver Down Cozumel, we are here to serve you. We offer a full range of diving and aquatic services, including snorkeling and skin diving tours, diving packages for certified divers, & beginner divers, as well as PADI Certification Courses for all diving levels. We focus on providing a tailored and friendly service, ensuring that you have the time of your life in a safe and professional environment. Diver Down Cozumel will ensure that your scuba diving experience is packed with fun and full of breathtaking memories!

Our people...

Socrates Campa

Dive Instructor

Diver Down Cozumel was founded by owner/operator Socrates Campa. Socrates arrived on Cozumel over 15 years ago from Mexico City and has never looked back.

Socrates began his professional diving career in Mexico City 19 years ago, and has more than 16 years experience diving Cozumel reefs.


Aristo Campa



Gabo Uc